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Stars Eclipse is a safe place of guidance for all, and where I will freely voice my experiences and opinions on various topics regularly.

Hi! My name is Stephanie Breeden, but you may call me Steph. I hail from the small town of Union City, TN. I am a mom, sister, daughter, friend, writer, and spiritualist. My absolute favorite things about this world are the people I am blessed to have in my life, music, nature, the stars, tarot cards, books, shoes, and art. I am a reiki master, ordained minister, psychic medium, and spiritual guide. My journey of spiritual learning and practices began from an early age, and I’ve practiced and honed my intuitive skills for 31 years. Studying every religion, spiritual, and occult practice I could get my hands on since childhood has made me very well versed in astrology, dream meaning, meditation, and all things considered taboo.

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