Conversations with Myself: Just Breathe

“This is good coffee.”It’s so nice to be out and about seeing friends again.“How are the kids?”Why do I feel nervous all of a sudden?It’s so great to see my friends.She’s just catching me up on the kids.We’re having such a lovely time.Oh shit, I’m getting dizzy.It’s ok, I’ll wait til there’s a break in … Continue reading Conversations with Myself: Just Breathe

Courage. Strength. Bravery.

          What does courage, strength, and bravery mean for you? Let’s take courage first. Does it mean the book definition of the quality of mind or spirit that enables you to face difficulties, dangers, pain, and so on without fear? Does courage mean facing adversities, prejudices, invisible and visible illnesses, and more head on with … Continue reading Courage. Strength. Bravery.