The Beauty of Storytellers

So, I’ve been thinking, which can be scary, but this wonderful thought crossed my mind while watching standup comedy. I was laughing my ass off and this statement rolled through my mind exactly like this: “Storytellers are one of the greatest gifts we have in this world.” Think about this for a second. Where would we be without the tellers of tales? Let’s get personal… you have lived your very own story, and I’m sure just like myself you have told at least those closet to you the bits and pieces, if not the whole story of your life to, so far. Everyone has a past, a tale to tell. One person’s story will never be exactly the same as the next, as far as I’ve learned. All stories are different but carry similarities that allow us to connect with others. You have your short stories that ended just as quickly as they started, and the longer stories, which you either wanted it to end as soon as possible or you never wanted the good times to stop. We tell our tales for many different reasons such as, wanting to share experiences that shaped us as we grew, to get things off our chest, to tell funny and ridiculous moments we had, to get to know another, and to just reminisce.

It’s a novel idea, really, the story of your life, for we are the writers of our own lives. For example, we have the main character, ourselves, with our own inner dialogue and plans for our lives that seem to never turn out quite like we imagine. We are people with real hopes and dreams for our futures. We are the lovers, friends, and family. All of us have a past that was good, bad, and everything else in between. We as a people live, love, hate, die, change, fail, laugh, feel, learn, create, grow, rise up, and on and on. There are many individuals from different walks of life all around you living their own stories the best way they know how to, as well. Some you know, most you do not, but we tend to stay curious about the lives of others and what their story is all about. We are natural storytellers and listeners of said stories.

There are different types of storytellers, and they all have their own unique ways of expression. These beautiful individuals engage our imaginations and senses, inspire, empower, and make us truly ponder new ideas. They take us on fantastic journeys to different and new places and times, thrills and chills included. The amount of laughter, humility, perspective, insight, and wisdom they bring to light for other’s experiences are amazing to me. Without these tellers of tales, we wouldn’t have diverse understandings regarding accounts of history to learn from and the incredible age old traditions and cultures people have kept alive by telling the stories of their people. When you think about it the world would be quite dreadful without our storytellers. Could you imagine living without music, books, comedy, movies, art, poetry, oral traditions, and so on? All of those things are created by people who tell stories. I would not like living in a world without these wonderful creations.

Tell me, have you ever been deeply moved by a piece of poetry, a book, music or a movie? I know there have been many, many times I’ve been blown away by all of these. I feel these artistic souls can bring out emotions and thoughts that at times are on a spiritual level. Poetry and music based stories have a way of bringing us to the brink of tears or floating in bliss. Music can move us with the words alone, and have us up dancing and singing along with them. Their stories have this beautiful way of allowing you to connect with yourself, others, and places in a soulful way. They can pick you up when you’re feeling down, make fun even more fun, and even help you get over and ex. I find it amazing the pictures that are painted by their storytelling. How incredible they are to create such depth and passion in this world!

Now, I have always been a curious one and have been in love with the written and spoken word as far back as I can remember. This lead me to one of my favorite type of storytellers, the Elders, and I’ve been lucky enough to have the pleasure to know many. There were times when we would visit mom at the nursing home (she’s a nurse), and I, a little bitty thing at the time, would sneak away and find one of the residents so I could ask them to tell me their stories. Every Elder I could run down always seemed happy to oblige my requests, and I loved every moment of their tales, even if I didn’t understand everything they were saying at the time. I am still curious to this day, and I will forever want to know other people’s stories, always. Tell me what makes you all you are. Because of my natural curiosity, I have been blessed to hear many tales of love, war, criminal behavior, love lost, travels, disasters, achievements, bravery, hilarious incidents, strength, struggle, happiness, loneliness, triumph, faith, and so on. All their stories seemed to be full of wisdom and acceptance, with splashes of hilarity thrown in. Every story told to me has brought and still brings joy to my life, and I hope it brought them as much joy as the storytellers.

As a lover of stories, I have learned they can be extremely cathartic. For me, this applies to my absolute favorite type of storytellers on this planet, comedians. I absolutely fucking love comedians! They tell some of the best and most honest stories ever, and do so with such humor that it can literally heal you with laughter. It is one of life’s greatest medicines, after all. These wickedly beautiful souls tell tales of their lives, things related to themselves, and what they’ve experienced or seen in this world with a level of hilarity that lights us up inside out. They teach us to not take life so seriously all the time, and honestly, it’s just lovely to be able to laugh at yourself and life and all it’s rollercoaster moments. Do you know that most of these delightfully intelligent individuals do this just because they love to make people laugh. How cool is that??!! They tell their stories drenched with humor in hopes of bringing happiness and joy to our and their lives. They’re incredible. So, here’s a huge thank you to anyone who spends their time bringing laughter to other’s lives, especially when they may have had a hard time creating giggles in their own lives. For me, you are the best kind of people here. Thank you for being silly, funny and brave enough to share it with the rest of us.

Storytellers have a special way of letting others know they are not alone in all that occurs in life by sharing their own experiences. I have witnessed how they can create these comfortable spaces showing the listener this loving and soul deep connectivity that exists between all humans, just by sharing their inner worlds with one another. They have this ability to teach us how to use our inner compasses so we can follow our own paths, to write our own story, the one where we are able to be the truest version of who we are. I am truly blessed to have experienced the storytelling of such beautiful and multifaceted souls throughout my life. I will always be grateful to those who were courageous enough to tell their tales for all to either read or hear, knowing myself that it can be incredibly hard to do at times. I thank all tellers of tales for being such a blessings to others and myself, and I hope all of you know that many people are helped greatly because of you. For those of you that want to share your stories but haven’t found your way to yet, you will. Your tales, whatever they may be, could be exactly what someone needs to hear. Your story could make someone smile or laugh, relax, learn, help to understand what it’s like to live a completely different type of life, to be able to get to know you, to help them see who they are, inspire them, and sometimes, even save a life. Yes, there are times a story can save a life. So, whenever you encounter a storyteller of any kind, I implore you to listen attentively with as much grace and as much of an open mind and heart as you can, for you never truly know what kind of experience you will receive by just listening to a life truly lived. And if you think about it, that fact alone is pretty exciting. Now, your story, your life awaits you! Go live it and share it with love.

Much love!!

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